Cash 4 Scrap Cars Leeds

Fast and friendly service, excellent timekeeping and payment in cash (no cheques). Covering Leeds and local area to Leeds. 

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No V5? No problem!​

We deal with all DVLA certificate of destructions before the vehicles are depolluted at a licensed treatment facility.

Top prices are paid for your old scrap cars and we offer a same day collection service. Most scrap cars are often processed on the same day and a prompt payment is made.

The End-Of-Life Vehicle Registration (2003) now requires you to take your old vehicle to an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF).

All cars are properly de-pollute and recycled by; removing all oils, fuels, water coolant, washer fluid, shock absorber fluid, oil filters, batteries, mercury switches, air bags, air conditioning gases and tyres.

Cash 4 Scrap Cars Leeds

Covering all Leeds post codes

Telephone: 07778997554

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